Utopia Art Hanging

Utopia Art Hanging

So the response to my artwork in Utopia Coffee Lounge has been phenomenal.

It being January and everyone feeling the pinch from Christmas (on the waistline AND the bank account) I didn’t expect to sell anything at all, let alone over half of what I put on the walls.

I am enormously happy and would like to extend a big thank you to everyone that came to have a look, everyone that came and bought and everyone that has passed a kind comment about the work.

Incase any of you missed it here is a video of me putting up the work in Utopia (bonus points to anyone that can resist tapping their foot to the music) and I’m excited to be moving on to new projects.

Video by Robert Hern – www.roberthern.co.uk

Watch this space.

Let me know your favourite pieces of art (check them out in my gallery) in the comments!

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