My Beautiful Desk

My Beautiful Desk

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”


Einstein’s thinly veiled contempt for whoever told him his desk is too cluttered serves as an encouraging reminder that even the most revered among us are just as disorganised as everyone else (although I assume Einstein’s desk was covered in notes… not junk food wrappers).

Due to the fact that most of us are tied to them all day, we all love our desks. It’s a kind of Stockholm Syndrome… but for an inanimate piece of wood or plastic.

If you don’t love your desk then unfortunately we have nothing in common because you probably have a life and friends and most of your days are filled with more meaningful things than how to better organise the crap you’ve collected for your workspace over time.

I welcome you to peer through the looking-glass and take a look at my desk in all it’s glory.



  1. Scratch away map of the world

Every time I go to a new country I scratch away the foil coating. I would move this map but repeated scratching while it’s still on my wall has damaged the paint behind it so now it’s staying there.

  1. Bulbasaur and Jake the Dog

The ceramic Bulbasaur containing a live cactus is the newest addition to my desk of wonders. It’s also, sadly, possibly the most stylish thing I own. Jake is just chilling on my lamp, wondering where Finn’s at.

  1. Redstone Ore

Minecraft absorbed my life for longer than I am willing to admit. This light up Redstone ore is a testament to that. If I ever need to rewire my house I will break it, collect the dust and lay down some new electronic lines.

  1. Wallet

It’s empty.

  1. Sketchpad

What artist desk is complete without a sketchpad?! The project visible upon it is my own version of the poster for “Aliens”. Sigourney Weaver is making an appearance… updates on this one when it’s finished.

  1. Assorted pens and pencils

PENS ARE MY WEAKNESS. I have a giant bag FULL of pens. These are varying shades of black.

  1. Memorabilia

Yep, more Minecraft stuff. This corner of my desk contains the following: Steve, Coal ore, wicker Boabab Tree, Aztec temple, Ale festival beer mat, wooden postcard, time turner and display case, gel hour-glass, pac man ghost, crystal skull vodka, sangria, larios gin, R2-D2, stormtrooper, empty Absolut vodka bottle, plastic flower, tickets for the Book of Mormon and Kerry Ellis’s live show, giant mug full of pens and Catbug. Speaking of…

  1. Catbug!!

Put a little fence around this cute as the dickens little guy. Or just watch Bravest Warriors and love Catbug for yourself. It’s always been Wankershim.

  1. Personal Bodyguard

Stormtroopers know how to keep dust-mites and rebel scum in check. This guy is from the Disney Store.

  1. Serious caffeine problem

I have a need to consume vast quantities of coffee. I am also strangely proud of this fact. CAFFEINE PRIDE. There would be a more concerted effort to take to the streets to spread the pride but I haven’t had my coffee yet so that’s gonna go on the back burner.

  1. The control hub

My laptop controls everything I do. Without it I could do absolutely no work whatsoever. Notice how it’s switched off.


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